Research Fellowships in engineering – 8 days to get your draft application in!

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The Royal Academy of Engineering has announced its Research Fellowships competition for 2010/11. This scheme is aimed at outstanding researchers from all branches of engineering who are about to finish their PhD or have up to three years postdoctoral research experience.

The scheme provides funding for five years, to enable the best researchers to develop their research career.

Each university is permitted to submit two proposals. The university will therefore be holding an internal competition to select Newcastle’s two candidates. The schedule for this is as follows:

-Draft applications (as outlined below) to Jo Gascoigne-Owens by email by 4pm on Friday 10th September 2010; An academic panel will be convened to review these applications and select Newcastle’s two applicants. An interview may be part of this selection;

-Applicants will be informed of decision by 17th September 2010;

-Heads of School will be asked to assign a ‘mentor’ to assist selected candidates with their application; -Final draft applications from selected candidates to be sent to Jo Gascoigne-Owens by 6th October 2010, for review and comment;

-Deadline for submission, 5pm 8th October 2010.

Based upon the funders’ requirements, draft applications should consist of:

-A summary of the proposed research area and the candidate’s track record (1 to 2 pages); A list of the candidate’s publications and/or conference presentations; The candidate’s CV (maximum 2 pages); A letter of support from the candidate’s Head of School.

If you have any questions contact Jo Gascoigne-Owens on or 0191 222 8624.

Further details can be found at:


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