Are you intrigued by psychometric tests?

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Psychometic tests is a catch all term for aptitude tests and personality questionnaires. There are a wide variety of tests available – whether you want to find out more about yourself and what interests and motivates you or whether you want to assess your aptitude for a certain thing; numerical, verbal or even spacial reasoning for example.

Are you the sort of person who likes trying out these tests or do you try your best to avoid them? Many people find them useful in helping to learn more about themselves, their preferred behaviour and the environments that suit them best. However, employers are also interested in the results and psychometric tests can play a significant part in selection processes.

The Careers Service website has a significant amount of information about tests, including advice and links to a range of tests you can take or practice online, as well as the list of books we have available on the subject.

We also subscribe to an online graduate level numerical and verbal reasoning test so that you can practice and get feedback on your results for free. This is open to all Newcastle University research staff and students. To have a go at this, register by coming into the Careers Service or send an email to with the following details; title, first name, surname, email and gender.

You don’t need to be job seeking to make use of these resources – you are free to make use of them at any time!

I’d be interested in your comments on psychometric tests – let us know what your experiences have been.


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