Preparing for a Job Interview

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This morning I received a welcome phone call, informing me I’ve made the interview shortlist for a position as a Writer in Residence for a prison.  When I applied for the job back in May, I put a lot of thought into the application because i) I really wanted the job (always a good start) and ii) I felt certain I’d be good at it.

Now that I actually have the interview, I’m nervous.  I’ve never been in prison myself and — excepting TV and film representations — don’t know that much about day to day life inside one.  Preparing for a challenging environment is one thing, but until the tour on the day of the interview itself I’m going to be continually asking myself if this is a post I could actually handle.  The question at the forefront of my mind is ‘can I cope with this environment on a regular basis for a year, minimum?’.  And until I’m actually walking those corridors I don’t think I’ll be able to answer it.

Don’t get me wrong- I still want the job, I still think I’d do well at it.  It would make quite a change from academia (insert mandatory joke here, etc.) and I’d be given fairly broad scope to initiate projects, which I would relish, but change is also slightly intimidating.


One thought on “Preparing for a Job Interview

    Rachael Roberts said:
    21/06/2010 at 2:21 pm

    Great news about your interview – congratulations!
    The time you spent on the application has obviously paid off – you must have convinced them that you really want the job and can do it. The other great news is that they think you can do the job too – they wouldn’t be interviewing you otherwise!

    So now, with my Careers Adviser hat on, down to some tips on preparation. You have already been thinking about why you want the job and why you would be good at it – how are you going to articulate this verbally? We all know you can write well – and that is what the job involves – but have you started to think about how to get that message across face-to-face? Have you thought about answers – with evidence and examples to back up what you are saying? Have you tried saying it out loud? And that question you are asking yourself about whether you can handle it – they might ask you that too! So it is certainly worth thinking about.

    It is also wise to think about what else they will ask? Is there a person specification for this job – that is often a good place to start.

    Come into the Careers Service if you’d like to talk over the interview with a Careers Adviser. You can also find lots of information about interviews on the Careers Service website

    Good luck with the interview – let us know how your preparations and the interview itself go!


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