Share your thoughts for the chance to win a camera or iphone 3GS

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I’m usually the first to resist the call of yet another prize draw promising me the earth or at the very least the holiday of a lifetime but this time I have a vested interest . As a careers adviser working with researchers , I’m regularly asked to deliver advice and guidance to diverse groups of Phd students of mixed disciplines and nationality who could do almost anything they turned their mind to.  Where would you start? How do we find out what you’re thinking? 

On behalf of the government, VITAE has commissioned CRAC to run a national online survey to understand the career intentions and decision-making of doctoral researchers and they’d like to hear from you. The research output will improve national understanding of the factors that attract people to postdoctoral research and their career expectations for the future.

By completing this survey, you can enter a draw for a high-spec digital SLR camera or an iphone 3GS — your choice — each worth around £500.  To have a chance of winning, all you need to do is complete the survey via the link below. It should take you no more than 15 minutes.  All responses and information remain confidential.

The survey is now live at  and will be open until 23 April. 

So find a quiet corner, grab yourself a coffee and please take a few minutes to share your thoughts about why you’re here and where you want to be heading.


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