Think you can describe your research – in 6 minutes and 40 seconds?

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Don’t miss this chance to test your communication skills and gain valuable experience of public engagement. This year, the Vitae Yorkshire and North East Hub Public Engagement Competition  is taking place on 26th April at  the Great North Museum, Newcastle.  

Applicants are sought to create a poster or public engagement presentation based on Pecha kucha[1] that explains to a mixed audience of non subject-specialists of mixed ages, what their research is about. Open to both Research Staff and Postgraduate Researchers, applications are sought in all disciplines.  There will be a panel of judges, members of the public and other researchers who will not be experts in the same field. The panel will be made up of a range of people (academic, general public and industry) from both private and public sectors, specialising in a range of subjects.

Along with the opportunity to meet researchers from other universities within the region, there will also be a range of academics and employers from the region present and cash prizes on offer to the best posters and presentations. As the event is being held in the Great North Museum we will be advertising it to members of the public who will be able to freely come and view the posters during the day. Completed application forms to be submitted by 8th March 2010. If accepted, you have until 19th April to finalise your entry.

To download the full guidelines click here

To complete the online application form click here

[1] Pecha kucha presentations consist of exactly 20 slides, each of which is displayed for 20 seconds.  Total presentation time is precisely 6 minutes 40 seconds, see guidelines for more information.


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