Experience useful for academic career progression – advice direct from academics

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What creative ways can researchers use to gain lectureship, mentoring and administrative experience? 

Representative from RCUK….

Roberts funding can be used for your development and career progression. Research Councils are encouraging universities to do this. Look at what your institution offers and talk to key people in support roles about the opportunities available to you.

 Chair of a Graduate School…. 

Persuade PI to let you out (use Concordat to persuade them that this is expected) but don’t take on too much. Also, be careful what you take on – make sure you are getting something out of it – think about the outcomes that can be demonstrated by what you do. Take advantage of demonstrating opportunities, outreach activities to the public (including organising it), run a facility (e.g. a sequencing facility) – running a large facility can be a career choice in itself – running a small one can be good experience!

Senior Lecturer….

Tutorials, small group teaching, revision classes, technique classes etc. Administration skills and willingness to get involved in this, wanted! Committees (faculty and department), mentoring (peer to peer, support groups for students) – basically anything that enhances someone else’s learning.


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