Advice on Academic CVs direct from the horse’s mouth

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What are the essential elements of a good academic CV and what can PhDs and postdocs do to make themselves more employable in the long term?

 Chair of a Graduate School….

75% of it is about good publications in prestigious journals – aim to be 1st author in early stage of career. Also use good references – someone who knows you – at least PI level, perhaps Head of Department.

Training – provide evidence and examples of your expertise level.

Move around – contributes to your research knowledge. Shows you are prepared to go outside your comfort zone. 

Law Lecturer…

Research not expected at postdoc level for Law Lecturer. Where a PhD is from is important, as are references. Look for a good publication record – 1 or 2 in good publications from PhD. Spelling / attention to detail are important. Use existing academic CVs on university websites to see what works and what doesn’t. Get teaching experience in a related area.

Move around – large law departments are often multi-cultural / multi-lingual.

Representative from RCUK…

Spelling and presentation. Make sure you follow any instructions and guidelines.

Senior Lecturer…

Obvious generic applications go in the bin. If you do go abroad, go to a well recognised lab / PI where you will have a good learning experience. Time spent abroad in a mediocre lab is not that useful.


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