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The process of identifying and securing opportunities beyond your PhD can be a grueling and demanding one. With the guidance and support of your academic community, faculty staff, and the careers service, much can be done to help ease the burden and stress of this experience. Don’t feel you have to go it alone….. Read More…

Posted by: Lorna Dargan | 03/01/2014

Interested in setting up a business?

business-idea1Our Rise Up team tell us that our researchers are a very entrepreneurial bunch, so we know that some of you out there will have a new year’s resolution to explore your entrepreneurial potential this year. Read More…

Posted by: Lorna Dargan | 07/11/2013

Jobs: Research posts with UKCES

Ah, the magic of social media! I often see interesting looking jobs through places like LinkedIn and twitter, and here’s a good example. Read More…

Posted by: Lorna Dargan | 04/11/2013

Engineering Recruitment Fair on TODAY

engineeringguide13Just a wee reminder that the Engineering Fair is taking place today, from 1-5pm at the Civic Centre. It’s a great way for PhDs and research staff to find out more about working in industry, and to ask recruiters about the type of work they have that would engage and interest PhD graduates.

I was at our IT Fair a couple of weeks ago, and made a point of asking recruiters about employing researchers. Although many of them didn’t specifically ask for a PhD, they were very open to applications from PhD graduates and career changers. It would be worth popping along today to see if the engineers feel the same!

JobFest will take place on 21st October at Newcastle United Football Club, 10:30 – 3:00.Job Fest

If you are considering a career outside of academia, this event will provide you with the opportunity to inform your research into employers’ perceptions of applicants holding a Masters / PhD. The opportunity to gain ‘insider’ information, with an employee of an organisation you are interested in, will help you consider how best to target your application and promote your academic and transferable skills.

How many useful contacts could you come away with?

It is important that you are realistic about what can be achieved at the fair. There won’t be lots of jobs and promotional material aimed at postgraduates – you may find some mention of postgraduates but the bulk of the advertising will be aimed at a graduate (which, of course, includes you). However, if you ask, you may find that you are talking to a postgraduate or they can tell you about other postgrads / alumni working for that employer. You may also strike lucky and find yourself talking to someone who can tell you about ‘experienced hire’ roles, but again don’t expect that as the norm.

If you are looking for a niche job with a small employer or a job in the non-commercial sector (though some Government departments do sometimes attend), you too may be disappointed. Only large recruiters who want several graduates/postgraduates go to the expense of attending the fair, so check first who will be there. Either way, the opportunity to find out more about how employers view applications from postgraduates will be insightful to your career success.

To progress, impress. This means going prepared. Consider carefully what you want to know and the appropriate questions to ask. Look in advance at the employer’s website; follow this up with questions about possible career paths and progression opportunities including training & professional development.

Why not ask:

  • What are the skills and attributes you value most in your employees?
  • What type of educational background do you look for in your employees?
  • How would someone like me contribute to the company?
  • What are the biggest challenges for this position?
  • What’s the company culture like?
  • What do you enjoy most about working for the company?
  • May I contact you with further questions?

Unable to make the event?….do you have questions you would like me to ask?

Alternatively, share your findings and comment in my next blog ‘Lessons from JobsFest’.

Posted by: Lorna Dargan | 14/10/2013

Newcastle University IT fair

Sevensheaven_illustration-Cloud_Computing (1)Just a reminder that our IT fair is on today between 12-3pm at the Great North Museum. It’s open to students of all disciplines, and will be hosting over 20 fantastic recruiters. Check out our exhibitor list, and our guide to successfully approaching employers at fairs.

Hope to see you there!

Building a better picture

Career opportunities for researchers cover a wide range of sectors including HE; manufacturing; finance; business and IT, health and public administration. Recent trends demonstrate that over half of researchers on completion of their doctorate will go on to pursue a career outside academic research or teaching. So what does your future look like?

Read More…

Posted by: Fiona Hartley | 13/09/2013

Make your CV work for you.


Pat Thomson is Professor of Education in the School of Education, The University of Nottingham. She is interested in researcher education and the writing that scholars want to, and must do. So when I came across her Patter  on writing CV’s I was intrigued to read what more advice she had for the Research Community Read More…

Posted by: Fiona Hartley | 13/09/2013

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships

application-formThe British Academy is currently inviting applications from early career scholars within three years of the award of their doctorate to apply for the BA Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme. Read More…

Posted by: Fiona Hartley | 09/09/2013

EURAXESS – Voice of the Researchers’ Conference

“Raising Researchers’ Voices – opinions on jobs, careers and rights”

21 – 22 November 2013, Brussels (BE)

Participate in the ‘EURAXESS Elevator Pitch’ or the ‘EURAXESS ERA Slam’ and get a free trip to Brussels!Image Read More…

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