CV Adviser vacancy

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The Careers Service is currently looking to recruit 6 CV Advisers for next academic year.

Applicants must be a Newcastle University student – undergraduate, taught masters or research postgraduate – throughout the academic year 2014/15

CV Adviser

Here is your opportunity

Interested in working in the Rail Industry.. conference opportunity

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Where does your journey take youResearch has identified a major gap is likely to develop in the rail industry, especially in engineering skills. They are therefore looking for the brightest candidates to join this exciting sector and build the community of future rail leaders and educators.

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Your research career – where next?

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It seems that there’s something about spring that makes us all think about new beginnings, and that’s never more true than when it comes to career planning. There are a lot of opportunities to start revitalising your career out there at the moment. Read the rest of this entry »

Women in science. What have we got ourselves into?

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Chemistry womanA guest blog by Gillian Pepper, a PhD student in the Newcastle University Institute of Neuroscience

As a woman attempting to begin her research career I often find myself asking, “What have I got myself into?” And it would seem that I am not alone. Despite various attempts to increase the number of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers in the UK, only 17 percent of STEM professors are female. According to the Fawcett Society, the under-representation of women in STEM occupations, which are comparatively highly paid, accounts for a large portion of the overall gender gap in pay. Read the rest of this entry »

UCU’s downloadable guides for researchers

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And in more “good resources for researchers” news, UCU has produced some additional quick resources for researchers, which are free for anyone to download on their website:

The guides range from applying for research funding, to looking after your voice, to classroom management. They’re pretty brief, but contain some helpful tips!

Library Boot Camp for Researchers: training and tips from the Library information fitness squad

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I was just at the SAgE faculty Researcher Board, where Moira Bent from the Library gave us an overview of a ‘bootcamp’ that the team are running for researchers.

Perhaps I don’t spend enough time on the library’s website, but every time I click through, or talk to one of their staff, I am genuinely amazed by the services that they offer for researchers. A few months ago, for example, I was delivering a workshop for the Staff Development Unit on using social media for career planning, and came across this absolute beast of a resource on social media for researchers, with tips from working remotely with colleagues around the globe to disseminating your research. I saw some great research from LSE on social media as a dissemination tool, and the impact that just tweeting your work can have on your full-text downloads, so I’d strongly recommend that you give the library’s resource a good read!

But back to boot camp: Moira talked us through the range of activities on offer to help PhDs and research staff ‘get fitter’ when it comes to finding resources for your research; from gentle ‘warm-ups’, to ‘personal training’ through individual feedback, to a bit of ‘speedwork’ for those quick-hit queries.

It runs for five weeks, and would be well worth a look. Information resources are developing so quickly these days, that I think even the most experienced of us would benefit from a refresher.

Library Boot Camp

Running from February 24th to March 28th, Library Boot Camp is a programme of training, advice and tips to help you tone up your information skills and head for a podium finish. It includes the following elements:

• Personal training: book a one-to-one consultancy with us for search tips and in-depth advice on resources within and beyond the Library. We’ll give you a personalised search plan to help you get organised.

• Virtual gym: visit our online ‘dissertation station’ for a thorough skills workout. Packed full of useful tips and resources.

• Specialist workshops: we’ve invited guest trainers to deliver workshops on various specialist topics and resources.

For full details and online booking, visit the Boot Camp now:

Here’s what other users have said about their recent consultancies with library staff:

“Thanks very much for this, it’s really useful. I realise I have so many more things to research now!”

“Thank you for the work you have done: it will be a massive help… The service provided is excellent.”

“Thank you ever so much for your help and the tidied version of the research plan! I feel I am well on my way now to finding some good resources.”

PhD Pathways: Routes to Career Success

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Are you clear about what will motivate you in your career? Do you have a good understanding of the realistic options available to you? Are you confident in your ability to make a good application? If you are in any doubts then this workshop could be for you….

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